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Record year for investment on wind farm market
2011-05-16 12:37

It seems to be a record year for investment on wind farm market. In Poland, farms of 500 MW will commence till the end of 2011 - Polish Association of Wind energy estimates. In comparison, coal power plants have ca. 800 - 1000 MW. Energy companies develops wind farms, because they avoid CO2 emission. Additionally, they uses EU grants for farm building, and then thanks to green energy certificates, earn twice more than in coal energy.

- In Europe we bet on green energy, what means that we invest in low and zero-emission technologies. In Poland, because of special conditions, we have 108 MW in wind farms and till 2015 it will be 300 MW - Iwona Jastrzębska, RWE Poland spokesperson declares. RWE is going to invest in Poland 0,5 billion euro. Next week, company opens its third farm in Tychow. In countries which have led in this market segment ( Germany, Denmark, Spain), the annual power increase rate falls down.

However, new markets, like polish one, tend upwards. In recent year it came 460 MW new power, what gives rise of 65%. -We have a strong potential of wind energy and many investment projects. It is not a surprise that few come to implementation. Frequently these are property of companies that have an experience of similar projects in EU - Katarzyna Michałowska- Knap, energy expert says. For building a large wind plant, capital and financial guarantees are needed that are accessible for experienced investors. The main role on polish market will play foreign companies. First place is owned by EDP, which commenced a farm of 120MW in Margolin, and this year opens a next one in Korsze.


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