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SEZs and agency fight for automotive investment
2011-05-25 12:12

Poland produces all kinds of car parts, but has no final assembly lines. And that will not change. SEZs and agency fight for automotive investment. But chance seems to appear in next two, three years.

After Q.1 direct investment inflow has reached 4.46 billion EUR, 617 million EUR more comparing to last year - Ministry of Economy data says. It confirms that it can be the summer in polish investment. Many people believe that those most prestigious, too. Some count on that next automotive factory will join to Ford and Fiat site in Tychy, Opel’s in Gliwice and VW’s in Poznan.

Slawomir Majman, the president of Polish Agency of information and investment is not such an optimist.

- Let’s forget about automotive investment of high caliber like those in 90s. Then, Poland was a country of the cheapest work force in Eastern Europe. Luckily, it has changed. So far automotive companies will build fabrics in Europe. We should wait for the Chinese rush. In the meantime they are not interested in European market, because of their internal market rapidly grows, but it will change after a time. – Majman says.

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