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Portuguese Media call Poland a gate for investments
2012-12-18 10:10

 According to the Portuguese weekly newspaper Expresso - Poland is a gate for investors from Portugal, who are planing to invest in Ukraine, Lithuania, Belarus and Russia.
The newspaper notes that Polish economy has achieved immensly good results. The average growth of GDP in Poland between 2003 and 2008 was 5.2% annually. Meanwhile, in 2009 Poland was the only country which avoided recession.
It is also mentioned that the values of Portuguese Investments in Poland are systematically growing. The newspaper reports that the values of the investments between 2007 and 2011 continued to grow and increased to 721 millions of euro.

There are also mentions of more than 100 Portuguese companies, which successfully work on Polish market. Biedronka - the biggest company which has been on the working Polish market for 17 years was founded by Jeronimo group Martinis. Today currently employ almost 38K people.
Mr. Pedro Pereirę da Silvę, the operational director of Jernimo Martins Group in Poland, believes that the Polish market has still a huge potential and future perspectives. In his opinion, Poland is still a very attractive destination for foreign investors. Mr. Pereira da Silva thinks that not only it is a vast market with more than 40 millions of people, but it is also a gate to the East; there are about 150 millions of customers in this region.
Stable Poland.
According to the Portuguese enterprises mentioned by the newspaper – economy of Poland is stable and predictable. They also make a note of high competitiveness of Polish companies, caused by big investments in the field of staff training in recent years.
Expresso also notes increasing interest of Polish entrepreneurs in business cooperation with Portuguese investors in order to enter the market of former Portuguese colonies, primarily in Angola and Mozambique.
The last edition of Expresso included a guide with information about Polish economy, banking and taxation system, Stock exchange, as well as labour market.
A 48 pages addition widely informs about the law aspects in the area of starting a business, buying and renting real estate, as well as employing workers.
Expresso is the most read weekly newspaper in Portugal. It weekly reaches to 642K readers of a 10 million country.

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