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Business news
2013-11-28 12:15


100 richest Poles by Wprost
As every year, Wprost published a list of 100 richest Poles. With one of them, we will soon do for you interview. Meanwhile, let's look at the list.
Dr Jan Kulczyk returned to the throne with a net worth of 9.7 billion PLN, the second is Zbigniew Solorz-Zak - 8.5 billion, the third Michael Sołowow - 7.45 billion...


Our attention focuses on Wieslaw Wlodarski, who proves that the impossible does not exist. Firstly he restored for Poland the legendary Frugo using the same TV Ad as several years ago. Then he invited Mike Tyson to advertising his drink Black. He is on 40th place on the list.

Mikołaj Placek showed no less fantasy – 62nd place, his advertisements of Oknoplast are on shirts of the players of Inter Milan football club.

We will soon have a surprise for you we are preparing for interview with one of the richest Poles, known and respected businessman. Guess who is on the list?


Facebook: It is the end of Facebook credits

We say goodbye to Facebook credits. Virtual currency was used to buy virtual items and services for games and applications, which ran within portal. They will be replaced by local currency of users.

For users it will not be a big change – we will see the package of zloty, euro or yuan instead the package of “loans”.

On the other hand developers of applications and services who use Facebook Credits have to amend their rules accordingly by the end of the year. The billing system and commission for Facebook will not be changed (30%)


Tomorrow you start to work on yourself

The Adam Smith center calculated that the 21st June 2012 will be a Tax Freedom Day. It is a symbolic moment in which the statistical citizen stops to pay all taxes and eventually begins to earn money.
During the announcement of the date of Tax Freedom Day Andrzej Sadowski from the Adam Smith Center joked: he demanded that every Pole should have the status of feudal service peasant. Why? Because the peasant had to make up feudal service for 2 days a week, the Polish taxpayer makes up it almost half a year. It was best in the years 2008 - 2009, when Tax Freedom Day fell on 14th June. In the mid-90s it was mid-July.
Statistical citizen works to pay his taxes 172 days. We work 11 days just to serve the debts incurred by the state.
In a report about the friendliness of tax systems prepared by the World Bank in 2012, Poland ranks 127th place (out of 183 countries surveyed), dropped from 121st place in 2011.

It is difficult to make business in the U.S.


It seemed to you that America is a paradise for people starting in business? Well…no, it is not- it is better to start in Chile, Singapore and New Zealand. These countries are much better and generously support the emerging companies – “NOT Coming to America” reporter says.
The U.S. of course help entrepreneurs but put great demands. Minimum investment amount must be between 0.5 to $ 1 million. Chile puts the smallest requirements. It is enough to work in this country for half a year in order to get 40 thousand $ without any conditions to set up a business. This amount you have to invest in a company in Singapore to catch the government's business support. In the UK - twice more, in Ireland, this sum is 95 thousand $. New Zealand - as Chile does not place conditions on the size of the investment.
If the U.S. do not change their approach to competing businesses they will be overtaken by other countries in the collection of talented entrepreneurs. It is very important that in the years 1977-2005 the startups were responsible for all employment growth in the U.S.
We recommend reading the entire report, published by The Partnership For A New American Economy and The Partnership For A New York City.


Facebook, LLC in Warsaw, Dobra Street 56/68

Headquarter of Facebook is in Palo Alto, 13 offices in the U.S. and 14 in the world - seven of them are located in Europe. Within 2 years in Poland we have 6.5 million Facebook users, in total there are more than 8 million.
We do not have to worry about great d
rainage of programmers, Facebook gives the work about three thousand people but in Poland Facebook rather employs experts in marketing, customer service. They will replace the agencies which support the se

PARP does not tolerate criticism


The promotion of terrorism in the UK, insulting the Thai monarchy, ignoring the Canadian passports and ... criticism of PARP in Poland – that was a content which was claimed to remove from Google.
Google published a short report according to the content which the various government organizations have recognized the dangerous and demanded their removal from search results. Unfortunately, there was also Poland through the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP). PARP wanted to clog page criticizing PARP and eight others, linking to it.
Agency probably thought about the site – today it does not exist. It was founded by a group of entrepreneurs for whom PARP in 2009 changed the conditions for accepting applications. They were to be assessed on its merits, then it turned out that it was also important the order of applications.
On a global scale - a trivial matter, arose from official error, the entrepreneurs have the right to defend themselves. Sending to Google's request about removing the page from search results is an exaggeration, an attempt to silence criticism of the "back door". Due to the situation Poland appeared on the list of curios and curiosities. Others countries reported either serious problems, such as the promotion of terrorism or hatred, or a laughable matter - to criticize regimes and monarchies. Where should be PARP request included?


MusicRage: Buy the music and pay as you want

For a limited time in the service packs of a few music albums of independent bands will be available (distributed electronically in MP3 and FLAC format). You decide how much you want to pay for the package, how much money the band will earn and how much you pay for cover the costs of maintaining the site.
In the first installment service provides a set of four albums of metal bands from France, Latvia, Hungary and Poland (including "V.E.N.I." of successful group Leash Eye and “id” of group Chain Reaction which is winning recognition in the market).
If you decide to buy at a price higher than the current average, additionally you receive a second album. Site creators promise that the sites will not be limited to the heavy sounds and they soon planned packages of electronic music.


Facebook: Mark Zuckerberg will earn a dollar

Debut on stock market raises great interest of investors. Some people rub their hands, others knock on his forehead. The share price somewhat calmed the mood, because even though the valuation is gigantic, it does not reach the forecast by some analysts about “hyped” $ 120 billion.
By the way it turned out that Mark Zuckerberg will earn a dollar in 2013. Today he gets a $ five hundred thousand annual salary. For the purchase of its shares he may even get a $ 950 million.
Spoon of tar in a barrel of honey can be the first for two years, quarterly revenue decline in Facebook. Details about takeover of Instagrama also surprise everyone. It turned out that when the transaction is not effected (e.g. controller do not agree), Facebook pay to Instagram contractual penalty amounting to $ 200 million. That is 20% of the transaction – They are such heavy penalties which rarely occur. This provision raised surprise investors. Perhaps it was important to gazump Bid Twitter, which supposedly interested in Instagram and offered several hundred million dollars.


HipChat: a great communicator for groups

Conversations are recorded in the history, so that the person joining the discussion in the middle of a conversation can find out what has happened before. On the top bar topic of discussion is determined and each participant can change it at any time.
You manage your calls with the top bar where the tabs with conversations are placed. A major advantage of HipChat is its mobilityauthors adjusted the version of the web-browser for mobile devices, and created native applications on iOS, Android and the iPad.

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