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Nexteer Automotive will invest in Poland.
2014-06-09 14:30

Concern NExteeer Automative, which biggest factory plants are in Poland, will invest about 12 millions of USD in new testing infrastructure, which should help to invent and develop smoother and more quite electric steering systems for hybrid and electric vehicles. The investments in technology have to give hybrid and electric models of vehicles, produced by international companies, improvement in driving comfort. Automobiles produced today are known to have less noise inside the vehicle. Not only noise reduction of the engine compartment or car interior influence on the noiseless, but also the usage of hybrid and electric propulsion system, as well as start-stop systems for instance. As Nexteer Automotive engineers note, reduction of noise decibels made by the engine led onto noise reduction of other components, as well as steering systems.

Currently, in order to increase the level of comfort in theirs new models, the car developers demand on more sophisticated, quite enough, electric steering systems. Advanced infrastructure will allow our engineers to collect new data related to interaction between electric support systems with other chassis systems. Mr. Paul Poirel, the senior engineer of Nexteer Automotive Europe, says that in long term perspective their investments in the field of noise research and elimination of EPS systems vibration will also allow concerns to solve noise and jerking issues during initial stages of a car project development, and it will reduce the costs of the product too.

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