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Three years of Polish medical tourism promotion
2015-03-23 16:27

“For the first time in the history, Poland has been promoting itself as medical tourism destination. Due to the international promotion of the medical tourism sector, that lasted for 3 years, foreign audience discovered the potential of our country”, said PhD Ada Kostrz - Kostecka, head of the programme of promotion of Polish medical tourism on International markets 2012-2015 that was provided in cooperation of PAIIIZ. The conference summarizing the project was held on 18 March in PAIiIZ.

Representatives of medical tourism sector abroad and foreign journalist who visited Poland during study visits assess the offer of Polish medical tourism as very good. 12 trade fairs.

7 economic missions and 3 workshops were arranged under the programme to promote the Polish health care centres and to share their experience with foreign counterparts. “Inviting foreign representatives of the sector to Poland is the most effective way to promote medical tourism, argued Magdalena Rutkowska form Ameds Centrum. According to all provider of the project, in the future, after the end of the project, on-line promotion of the sector’s offer, arranging economic mission and B2B talk should be developed.

Data shows that foreign patients are mostly interested in the offer of Polish dentists, orthopedists and cardiologists. Also Polish plastic surgery, weight loss surgery and oncology and are highly appreciated. Moreover, Poland has the unique product - sanatoriums that almost don’t exist in other foreign markets. It is also worth to mention that under the programme of Polish medical tourism promotion, two clusters - gathering Mazovian and national companies were created.

The thee-year programme was provided by the consortium of PAIiIZ, Europejskie Centrum Przedsiębiorczości and Ameds Centrum. The programme started in April 2012 and was held in 7 countries: Germany, Great Britain, Russia, the US, Denmark, Sweden, Norway.

Autor: PAIiIZ/Ameds Centrum

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