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Poland has been named the best In the region
2015-04-17 16:04

The AHK Polska has published the data based on the 10th cyclical poll; a survey. which had been made among the foreign investors. According to the survey, for the third time, Poland has been chosen the best destination for the investors in Eastern Europe. As the chairman of the PAIiIZ Sławomir Majmam noted, receiving a gold medal is not something extraordinary, while being awarded for the third time is a real achievement.
The potential of Eastern European countries was evaluated by 116 entrepreneurships, which have business in the all regional throughout all of Poland. In the final evaluation, getting 4 points in total, Poland beat the following countries: Czech Republic (4 points), Estonia (4,97 points and Slovakia (2,96 points).
The results of the anniversary survey made by the AHK show that the foreign investors are pleased to work in Poland. About 95% percept of the respondents say that their companies are doing well. Michale Kern, the general director of the AHK Polska, says that it is worth emphasizing that 95% of the companies, who took part in this survey, affirmed their will to choose Poland as an investment destination country if they had to do made the decision today.

It is also worth mentioning, that about 88% present of the companies are going to increase or to keep the investment costs at the same level.
One of the major advantages of Poland, compared to other countries in the EU, is human resources, especially skills, effectiveness and motivation of the polish workers. In addition, foreign investors have good option of the academic education in Poland.
Among the others, according the survey’s responders, the priority aspects of the business economy for the year 2015 are the following: improving the effectiveness of the administration, further development and modernization of the transportation infrastructure and public finance reform.

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