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2023-10-03 14:43

09.11.2023 - online 11:00-12:00 National e-Invoicing System - how to prepare for implementation.
This webinar is free of charge.

A revolution in invoicing is coming. Is your company ready for it?
The National e-Invoicing System is a tool for issuing and sharing structured invoices. From 1 July 2024, KSeF will be mandatory for active VAT taxpayers. How do you prepare for the implementation of KSeF in your organisation? This topic will be discussed by our experts during the webinar.

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2023-09-01 13:25

​Offshore Wind Poland - an opportunity for Scandinavian Companies. This is a hybrid event, you can take part in it both onsite, in Malmö, and online.

24.10.2023 - 14:00-16:00 in Malmö.

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2023-04-04 13:19

Are you interested in expanding your business to Poland? Do you want to know more about the Polish market and its opportunities? Then this webinar is for you!

During our webinar, we will explore the ins and outs of doing business in Poland, including the economic climate in Poland. We will also discuss key factors like taxes, regulatory framework and investment incentives. Whether you are a small business owner or a multinational corporation, this webinar will provide valuable insights into how to succeed in the Polish market. Join us and discover the potential of doing business in Poland!​

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2023-02-09 09:26

EU Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism: Preparing for the new regulation - The implementation of the European Union’s (EU) Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) on 1 October 2023 is expected to reshape global trade at large. It is imperative that businesses understand and prepare for the changes that the mechanism will bring about.

Join us for a webcast on 14 February 2023 as KPMG professionals provide insights into the inner workings of CBAM, explore the effect that these measures have on organizations situated both within and outside the EU, and delve into why decarbonisation of production, whether that production is expected to be a key source of competitive advantage for selling into the EU market.

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2022-11-10 08:23

01.12.2022 - During the webinar, Rödl & Partner experts will discuss the latest legislative changes in this area of renewable electricity producers and explain the risks and opportunities associated with RES in the new legal reality.

We have recently seen a series of unprecedented interventions in the electricity market that are changing the situation of renewable electricity producers. On the one hand, both the European Commission and the government intend to impose additional financial burdens on producers, thus limiting their profits from energy sales. On the other hand, we are increasingly aware that renewable energy sources are the foundation of energy independence and security, and we can see changes on the horizon that may facilitate the development of renewable energy in Poland.

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2022-10-25 09:18

23.11.2022 Training - During our webinar, experts from Rödl & Partner Poland will present current opportunities, conditions and possible benefits for investors in Poland. We will point out important topics for investors: tax reliefs, funds & SEZ - why it is worth to invest in Poland. From a tax perspective, we will tell about : VAT, corporate income tax (CIT). We will also touch upon the legal aspects of investments: from possibilities avenues and forms to reporting obligations.

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2022-10-25 09:17

27.10.2022 Training - Global supply chains have been disrupted by factors such as covid restrictions and covid-related lockdowns, geopolitical tensions and staff shortages. We all know the problems, but where can we find solutions?

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2015-04-17 16:06

New investment quarter has started. The agency has received 9 new project, therefore now the PAIiIZ leads 175 investments in total. If all the projects, which total value equals to 3271,85 million euro, are implements, there will be 32 197 of new vacancies created in Poland.
Since the beginning of the year, the agency has implemented 10 projects (162,14 million euro of total value and 2 697 new vacancies). Those investors, who decided to invest to Poland have business in the following fields: aircrafts, BPO, entertaining-scientific, automotive industry, ICT and food processing industry.

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2015-04-17 16:04

The AHK Polska has published the data based on the 10th cyclical poll; a survey. which had been made among the foreign investors. According to the survey, for the third time, Poland has been chosen the best destination for the investors in Eastern Europe. As the chairman of the PAIiIZ Sławomir Majmam noted, receiving a gold medal is not something extraordinary, while being awarded for the third time is a real achievement.
The potential of Eastern European countries was evaluated by 116 entrepreneurships, which have business in the all regional throughout all of Poland. In the final evaluation, getting 4 points in total, Poland beat the following countries: Czech Republic (4 points), Estonia (4,97 points and Slovakia (2,96 points).
The results of the anniversary survey made by the AHK show that the foreign investors are pleased to work in Poland. About 95% percept of the respondents say that their companies are doing well. Michale Kern, the general director of the AHK Polska, says that it is worth emphasizing that 95% of the companies, who took part in this survey, affirmed their will to choose Poland as an investment destination country if they had to do made the decision today.

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2015-03-26 16:22

MTU Aero Engines investment is the eight and the latest successfully completed projects with PAIiIZ support. The company will spend €13,8 m and create 50 new jobs

The majority of completed projects in first quarter of 2015 are represented by BBS, R&D, ICT, automotive, aerospace, electronics and home appliances sectors. The total value of 8 projects reached €153.14m. Due to them, even 2,637 new jobs can be created.

Among 170 ongoing investments supported by the Agency, BPO and automotive sectors predominates. Each of the sector runs 32 projects. Next are: R&D with 19 projects, aviation with 13 projects and food sector with 12 projects. The total value of ongoing projects reaches €3065.45 m. Those investments may created even 30,061 new jobs in the future.

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