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Lista newsów z miesiąca lipiec 2011
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2011-07-26 11:28

In Special Economic Zones (SEZ) new jobs have appeared, and investment slowly rose. In 2010, 76 projects diminished, the ministerial "Report on SEZ realization statute" says. The resort has cancelled 40 permission to investors who have not fulfiled agreements. For 15 years of SEZ presence in Poland it has been done 519 times. 36 investors have resigned from investment in SEZ, and their permissions expired. In all SEZ history, 286 companies have done so. It may be caused by critical report of Highest Control Office on SEZs' activity - Kiejstut Żagun from KPMG considers.

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2011-07-22 11:43

In Poland The World Investment Report 2011 will be launched on July 26th, 2011 at 10.00 at PAIiIZ.

This year’s Report traditionally provides worldwide and regional analyses of FDI flows and offers a review of how non-equity modes of international production influence development.

The World Investment Report 2011 prepared by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) is the 21st report concerning foreign direct investment (FDI) in the world. In accordance with the tradition, the Report will be presented in a number of countries all around the world. The main presentation will take place in Geneva.

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2011-07-22 11:42

On July 18th, 2011 the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency signed a cooperation agreement with the City of Piła.

The major aim of the agreement is to promote Piła and help the city attract more investment projects from abroad. The parties committed themselves to together undertake activities which will help the city actively seek investors and provide them with professional services.

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2011-07-20 11:40

PAIiIZ President Sławomir Majman took part in the Polish-Austrian Economic Forum which was held in the framework of the official visit of the President of Poland Bronisław Komorowski in Vienna.

On July 13th, 2011 the Polish President Bronisław Komorowski took part in the Polish-Austrian Economic Forum. The Forum was inaugurated in September 2009 during the official visit of the President of Austria Heinz Fischer, in Warsaw. During the Forum the PAIiIZ President and the President of the Austrian Business Agentur Rene Siegl PhD signed a cooperation agreement in the presence of the Polish President.

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2011-07-15 08:36

Spanish company from the stock exchange group SNIACE has bought a lot in Kostrzyn. It will receive 140 mln zł from the grant. Green Source will start the construction works in Autumn.

Finally. Seven years after establishing a company in Poland, Spanish will began the building of the Ethanol fuel factory.

- Last Thursday Company has signed the notarial deed for the purchase of the 3.5 ha from the Kostrzyn-
Słubice Special Economical Zone
. From the city company is lease the 17 ha with the option of purchase to the end of the year. We also issue a permission for the activities inside the SEZ. Green Source will invest 200 mln Euro and will employ 220 people. - said Roman Dziduch, vice-president of the SEZ.

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2011-07-11 08:33

World business giants are wiling to open new business service centers in Poland.

IBM and HP, which already have in Wrocław three centers, look for new sirtes. And PG, present in Warsaw as well. 69 000 people work in foreign-capital service centres in Poland. This number quickly rises. ABSL (Association of Business Service Sector) predicts, that till the end of this year it will reach 75.5 thousand. New worldwide companies appear in Poland, but investors that currently present do not hesitate.

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2011-07-08 12:37

PLN 727 million from the budget for the support of hi-tech investment projects.

On July 5th, 2011 the Council of Ministers adopted the "Programme to support investments of high importance to the Polish economy for 2011-2020" prepared by the Ministry of Economy. PAIiIZ is the only institution which processes applications for grants under the Programme.

The aim of the programme is to increase innovation and competitiveness of the Polish economy by promoting foreign direct investment in sectors of high technology (hi-tech), because they contribute most to economic growth and strengthen the country’s competitive advantages. The programme will attempt to increase the share of innovative investments and the number of jobs in the sectors.

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2011-07-04 12:35

Entrepreneurs and administration representatives of Eastern Poland met with Spanish companies active in the renewable energy sector.

The meeting of entrepreneurs and representatives of local government units from the Eastern Poland with companies from the Spanish region of Valencia took place on June 28th, 2011 at the PAIiIZ Information Centre. The first part of the meeting was devoted to the presentation of the sector - Stanislaw Pietruszko PhD from the Warsaw University of Technology discussed the uses of photovoltaics in Poland. In the second part of the meeting Polish and Spanish companies held individual talks.

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2011-07-01 12:33

On June 22nd, 2011 3M opened two factories producing goods for the space, aviation and automotive industries. The new Wrocław-based plants will employ over 100 people.

The opening of the new 3M factories is an important part of the company’s strategy which envisages construction of the European Centre for Manufacturing. The company, present in Poland for 20 years now, has currently been running eight production plants - six of them are located in Wroclaw.

- We are glad that we will start another production line in Wrocław because the European division of 3M, responsible for products for the aerospace industry, plays an important role in the strategy of the whole group. The plants cover 40% of global demand for films and adhesives. Wrocław’s geographical location will help improve the distribution of our materials to other countries in the region - explains Denise Rutherford, CEO for 3M Aerospace and Aircraft Maintenance.

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