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Lista newsów z miesiąca listopad 2012
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2012-11-15 14:42

 The average audience of all the matches Euro 2012, which ended on Sunday, was 7.5 million viewers, and the share in the market share – 51%

The Nielsen Audience Measurement data shows that at least one minute any of the meetings was seen by the 32.2 million people, representing 90.25% of this group of people over the age of 4, who have television sets.
In comparison with the analogous period of last year average Pole spent average 23 minutes more a day on watching television. TVP1 and TVP2 shares rose by 6.98 percentage points.

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2012-11-02 14:01


Poland is a beautiful country, people are very friendly, thank you, Poland – these words eventuated on the spots in the government's awareness campaign related to Euro 2012.
Spot is available on the website of Prime Minister's Office.
The 30-second recording of foreign fans share their impressions of their stay in Poland during Euro 2012. They compliment the Poles in their native languages. "Poland is a beautiful country", "people are very friendly," "I would like to come again and stay longer", "fantastic", "thank you, Poland!" – this is an example of words from that spot.

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