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Lista newsów z miesiąca czerwiec 2011
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2011-06-29 16:32

Set up in 2007, Lublin’s sub-Special Economic Zone (part of SEZ Euro-Park Mielec) is becoming attracts capital. However, only five firms have invested about 220 million zlotys.
- We are behind others. A great obstacle for enterprises is an infrastructure. Region suffers from lack of good roads; it is not easy to send products outside the country. Soon, the new airport in Świdnik will be finished, but it is definitely too late. Few years ago, at least cargo would be useful for some grocery contracts. - Magadalena Jocek chief of Lublin’s Business Club says.

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2011-06-22 21:14

Lodz (Poland) is on a winning streak. Dell talks about new projects, and there is a chance for Foxconn fabric too.
Dell's factory in Lodz will stay in Amercans' hands. One and half year ago, the news hit: computer producer negotiates sale contract with its partner - Foxconn.

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2011-06-09 12:33

Poland will meet economic missions from China- president of Polish Agency of Investment, S. Majman announced. Agency has signed the agreement with Council of International Trade Promotion from Chinese Jiangsu province, concerning the cooperation in hi-tech and service sector. Placed in Middle-Eastern coast of China, Jiangsu is one of the most important economic partners of Poland: nearly 40% of turnover with China comes from this province. It is also the biggest exporter and supplier of high technology.

The agreement aims to encourage Chinese investors to polish market. According to Mr. Majman, Chinese investors are still conservative.

- They either invest in well-known projects, or in wallet ones. - Majman said.

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2011-06-09 09:48

During the seminar Polish and Azerbaijani representatives of administration, diplomacy and business discussed ways of reviving the Polish-Azerbaijani economic and investment relationships.

The seminar was attended by: Gummammad Javadov, Deputy Minister for Industry and Energy in the Republic of Azerbaijan; Hasan Aziz ogly Hasano, Ambassador of Azerbaijan to Poland and Elżbieta Bodio, Deputy Director of the International Co-operation Department at the Ministry of the Economy. The meeting was chaired by Marek Łyżwa - Member of the PAIiIZ Board.

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2011-06-08 08:46

PAIiIZ took an active part in Noredea activities connected with the new project. While the new Nordea Operations Centre was officially opened in November 2010, it was last month when the Polish government passed a resolution concerning the creation of a long-term program for the project. Nordea Operations Centre will provide back office services to the Bank’s activities that are implemented in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. Within the framework of the company’s’ centralization policy the Centre will run services concerning general accounts, the NOSTRO account, internal payments in Nordic markets and international checks.

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2011-06-02 09:01

Lublin municipality talks with one of Chinese car companies in the matter of new car factory. It would be placed on previous Daewoo Motor Poland factory. Information electrifies whole local car market.

- We have received Chinese company delegation interested in investment - Katarzyna Mieczkowska-Czerniak, Lublin’s president spokesperson admits. It concerns production of thousands of cars. Speaker does no want to reveal company’s name.

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