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Lista newsów z miesiąca grudzień 2011
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2011-12-30 11:31

Biggest investments in electricity industry, planned until 2010 will be launched next year. Tauron keeps its plans. Big soundings will be released probably in 2012. Most important for Tauron is to build a new energy coal of 910 MW block in Jaworzno. Costs of this investment is estimated on over 6 billion zloty. „We expect that contractor will be chosen in the middle of next year” – Dariusz Lubera, Tauron president says.
In first months of 2012, the auction for contractor will be resolved in Stalowa Wola. Building a new gas-power unit will consume c.a. 1.7-1.9 billions zloty. However after opening the envelopes, it turned out that costs can be lower. Cheapest offer was on 1.57 billion. Prices are better for investors, but the price is only a one of many indicators to chooose a contractor. Also PGE will start its works in Opole next year. It is one of flag-investments of this company. In November, the company chose the general contractor of two 900 MW energy units.

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2011-12-12 12:49

400 mln euro will spend investors from Luxemburg for a realization of the project of gigantic amusement park in Grodzisk Mazowiecki.
Soon, for a young Poles the Parisian Disneyland will not be longer  a dream trip. Roller coasters, water slides and fairytale castles will be situated also 40 km from Warsaw.

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2011-12-09 10:35

 Janusz Zakręcki, the president of PZL Mielec&Sikorsky Company, enumerates the advantages of Polish localization for American innovation’s centres: twice or even three times lower labour costs of Polish constructors, availability of well- educated staff of engineers, opportunities for subsidy for technological projects from state or EU sources. Hamilton has already started its innovative investments. Hamilton Sundstrand, construction centre employing 350 engineers is being built in the location of previous Hydral (present PZL Wrocław), which was taken over this year. 100 more constructors, specialists of auxiliary aircraft engines are hired in another factory, namely HS in Rzeszów. – The new products will be manufactured from the very beginning and then tested in innovative development centres. Next, they are going to reach Polish production in factories or foreign UTC’s sites, as Roman Staszewski, the president of Hamilton Standard in Podkarpacie declares.

President Darecki reminds that currently 350 scientists from 15 technical universities and engineers from many companies are working coherently on some new production technologies of materials and their processing for aviation. They are involved in biggest programme supported by state (worth 80 mln PLN) . Aeronet initiative meets against UTC’s plans. Last year the corporation spent 3.6 billion dollars on research and development. In the near future, starting from the next year, quite a considerable part of this delicacy will hit the land of Vistula.

2011-12-02 09:03

United Technologies Corp., American concern, whose last year sale reached 54.3 billion dollars, is going to build the aerial innovation’s centres in Poland. In fact, final decisions are to be made in the near future.
The investments we talk about are worth millions of dollars and involve orders for laboratories, research groups in the leading universities of technology, subsequently, technological services‘ export.
American conglomeration (besides aviation, it deals with fire protection and security systems, as well as cranes, lifts and communicative devices) whose income in 2010 was 4.4 billion and which employ over 200 thousand specialists in 71 countries, was satisfied with business being done in Poland. Consequently, it aspires to bring the cooperation to the higher level.

In fact, the companies from UTC group already constitute the country potentates. PZL Mielec – Sikorsky Aircraft constructs Black Hawk helicopters, WSK from Rzeszów produces aircraft propulsions, Pratt&Whitney Kalisz supplies engine components, PZL Wrocław- Hamilton Sundstrand deals with hydraulics’ elements, as well as navigation systems.

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