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Lista newsów z miesiąca wrzesień 2011
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2011-09-30 16:01

Poland is still attractive for foreign grocery companies. - Spanish olives control 90 % of polish market and the country do not want to lose the leadership. - says Małgorzata Kozakiewicz, Spanish embassy’s trade consultant. That’s why it is the fifth year of all-Polish campaign that promotes Spanish olives in polish media. This year’s edition will cost 197 000 euros. In 2011 it also runs a campaign of Spanish olive oil. Spain has promoted for seven years wines, too.

Also Italians are active in Poland. This year Italian Institute of Foreign Trade organized 25 promotional projects. Seven concerned groceries.

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2011-09-26 08:04

Polish floor is close to be more mature than Greek one. FTSE Group, an organization that creates stock indexes, has announced annual country classification results. According to this, Poland, as only country in region has been moved from emerging market group to observational list, from it can be promoted to developed countries group. Similar promotion lies ahead Taiwan. From developed countries’ list can fall the Greece. Ukraine was located in frontier category.

Possible advancement is the result of rapid development of capital market in recent years. In 2007 FTSE moved the WSE to advanced emerging markets group, which it occupies with Hungary and Czech Rep. Strong competition between brokers, developed derivative market and its decent capitalization, allow the advancement to higher group (with USA and Germany).

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2011-09-23 16:17

Poland is a strategic country for China. PIFIA (Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency) counts on catching a flag investment. Will it be a breakthrough?

There is not a trace of Chinese investments in Poland yet. But we have another signal that it can change.
- Poland is a strategic for Chinese investors. It is placed in central Europe, notes high growth, and in comparison with more developed countries, it has more occasions for investing.. Soon is shall be the biggest beneficiary of Chinese investment - Hongtao Wang, vice-president of MOFCOM Chinese Ministry of Trade) says. He expects the improvement after meeting with polish authorities.

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2011-09-19 08:27

Program "Development of Eastern Poland" is perceive as a mean for road's construction and then in second order as a program for innovation support.
Authorities of five eastern Poland's regions (Lubelskie, Podkarpackie, Podlaskie, Świętokrzyskie and Warmińsko-Mazurskie) wish from the European Union grants, especially from the found "Development of Eastern Poland", create an inteligent macro region. This is really ambitious project, concerning fact, that not so long ago those regions were the poorest in whole European Union. That is why the extra found were establish, only for them, with the budget of 2,67 mld euro. More than 900 mln euro was allocated for the so called modern economy, therein 462 mln euro for innovations support and almost 400 euro for high schools' infrastructure. In the same regions it is realise the biggest telecommunication project financed by Brussels (300 mln euro, therein 255 mln euro financed by EU). This is "Broadband network of Easter Poland". It's creation will enable, 90% of macro region's population and 100% of enterprises and organisation, an access to high-speed Internet network.

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2011-09-16 13:17

The medicine producer, which is leading by Marijn Dekkers, will open a finance-accounting center which will employ a 300 people. A chance for it has between others, four Polish cities.
Pharmaceutical combine Bayern is looking for the location for it's finance-accounting center. This center will be support for Eastern and Middle Europe and Scandinavia. It will employ 250-300 people.

- The company visited Trójmiasto, Poznań, Wrocław and Katowice.-as claims the source of this information.

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2011-09-08 14:26

Polish economy is highly graded by investors. However, rising CHF exchange rate makes anxiety, which can influence on lower spending households that are in debt.
August was one of the worst months in recent decades. Falls on global markets has reached 10-20%. There are few causes for such smash down, but main is that markets “believe” that in 2012 we can expect serious recession in developed countries.
A “million dollar question” concerns how long this slow-down will last and how deep it will be. With growing globalization of capital flows, asset managers have many opportunities to choose countries and regions where they can invest. From this perspective polish market compete with GEM (Global Emerging Markets), or more specific- with EMEA region. After risk-profit assessment potential investors must decide if they want to invest in Brazil, Turkey, Russia, Poland or South Africa.

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2011-09-07 14:35

The Chinese journalists has taken part in a study tour organised by PAIiIZ and after the visit they decided to create a website where they publish information about Poland. It didn’t take them long to attract over 2 million visitors!

World Expo in Shanghai ended, but Poland is still visible in Chinese media. Zhu Qi, editor of one of the most popular Shanghai websites - has created a website where he publishes information about Poland and latest news from the country.
Zhu Qi, together with four other journalists visited Poland in the framework of a study tour organized by PAIiIZ. The aim of study tours organized by the Agency is to help foreign journalist obtain an insight into the most vital economic issues and general economic situation in Poland which is than transmitted to public opinion abroad.

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2011-09-01 15:52

Orbis has already one hotel in Lithuania. In Vilnius it operates under the Novotel brand, that’s why - in expert opinion- it will be a starting point for foreign expansion of Polish company. Baltic countries are not an exception.
Hospitality industry in this part of Europe was heavily touched by the economic crisis. Many hotels have fallen in debts, what caused valuable opportunities for acquisitions. However, according to Jerzy Miklewski, hospitality industry analyst and HOTELON owner, that acquisition comes from Orbis’s strategy, not tactics.
Orbis does not aim to buy or building hotel. Also the franchise and facility management is taken into account.

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