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2012-06-28 14:17

 During the meeting they also discussed Poland’s benefits from China’s companies. The pace of development of this economy during the next 10 years is going to be about 6-7 percent a year.

Jirg Wuttke - the CEO of BASF in China owning 32 manufacturing factories said that no one can compete with them. As he said, chinese market is open for Poland, especially for information technologies, telecommunications, building and engineering industries too. However he warned that China would not wait for Poland for long time. Business world should be fast because all the roads lead there today he says.

Krzysztof Domarecki, chief of Selena company working in China since 2009 also told about his experiences. He believes that law plays key role in Europe and rules should be followed, while in China it is only a part of the system. For instance, protection Intellectual property for example is a big challenge for the Chinese. It can even be said that practice of copying and counterfeiting of patents and technologies is a part of chinese business model, reassured Domarecki.

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2012-06-04 09:03

 According to Lu Zhongqiang, commissioner of China Development Bank, Poland is one of the strongest countries in our region, which in turn helps to improve the economic relationship in the whole region. He says that they want to support investments in Poland. Therefore, they have already bought made some investments, for example by buying Huta Stalowa. A credit line of value 10 mld. dollars has been also created in order to support those companies which are interested to make business in Poland, he informed.

Chief of the polish branch of Huawei electronics manufacturer company also told about difficulties and possibilities. According to him, each year 500 mln. dollars are invested in Europe and they expect to surpass the amount of investments of 500 mln. euro. In some way, they are a European company despite the fact that they experienced some problems in the beginning, probably as every Chinese company in Europe he says. We had to learn how to deal with the Europeans, since there are different banking systems, employment law and environmental requirements he added.

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